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Furious has created a human systems design virtualization platform for all things training, behavioral modification and skills development.  Furious extends social networking into behavioral modification for those individuals and organizations that have a need, desire, and motivation to initiate behavioral change and advance the human condition.  By connecting experts to users around specific lifestyle needs through step-by-step instructions, and allowing users to custom tailor their solution without diminishing effectiveness, social networking becomes behavioral networking with statistically significant, provable results.

Furious opens lifestyle solutions and skills training protocol development and sharing through a virtualized process that is software, hardware and developer license independent.  With our system, the Internet now has an architecture of participation that is massively extendable and virtually infinitely portable.  Furious’ HexagonLogic™ is a platform for mobile devices and Internet communities to seamlessly integrate training, lifestyle, behavior modification and skills development through a single, highly portable interface.


Furious Integrated Training Systems, Inc.

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