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A social media, enterprise platform

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Powering the cloud with an Integrated How-To and Do-It-Yourself software service.

Furious Integrated Training Systems, Inc. (FuriousITS) is a Platform as a Service developer with a long-range goal of integrating personal technologies and smart devices into a how-to and do-it-yourself cloud network we call HexagonLogic™.  We are penetrating the Internet and mobile market with “Powered by HexagonLogic™” features for lifestyle and skills development, classroom and remote instruction, sports and professional training and healthcare.



State of Incorporation


Type of Entity

C Corp

Business Description

Multi-Peer, Multi-Tier Internet and Mobile-Enabled Durable Content Distribution, Data Mining and Expert Systems Platform

Products and Markets

  1. isoBlogs™ - Durable content format

  2. isoOrgs™ - Distribution management

  3. isoSKUs™ - Product stock keeping

  4. isoSites™ - Web development

  5. isoVariants™ - Open scripting language

  6. isoDepot™ - Platform Store

  7. isoLifestyle™ - Lifestyle-Improvement features for quality of life

  8. isoProduct™ - Product-Improvement features for customer relationships

  9. isoOperate™ - Operational-Improvement features for organizational development

  10. isoCompliant™ - Compliance-Improvement features for behavioral science systems

  11. HexagonLogic™ - Platform as a Service

Go-To-Market Strategy

FuriousITS’ go-to-market strategy focuses on the self-improvement market.  To accomplish our penetration goals, we have developed our own Powered by HexagonLogic™ site at is designed as a hub for content providers such as do-it-youself and self-help blogs, books, magazines, programs, training sites, devices and Internet apps.  The bottom line for is: “Develop, organize and share all of your how-to and do-it-yourself content on one easy-to-use dashboard.”  Currently, is in beta for individual users.  Our next releases will provide features for organizations, from small teams to large institutions, including a subscription revenues engine.

How-To-Do-Much. Smarter.

We are developing a web and mobile Platform as a Service for development, distribution, consumer behavior analysis and monetization of How-To and Do-It-Yourself durable content.