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for step-by-step training


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Introducing, a place for individuals and professionals to create and share step-by-step tasks with family and friends, customers, teams, groups, communities, and organizations.  Basic features enable users to create, integrate and share:

  1. Baskets of items that you need to get things done

  2. Step-by-step instructions (isoBlogs™) for what to do in any situation or to accomplish any task or goal

  3. A common dashboard to do it, share it, create it and tailor it for use anywhere over the cloud

Using isoOrgs™ features, users can combine isoBlogs™ into sessions, courses and tiered-courses, and create, manage, promote and enrich teams, groups, communities and organizations.  Upgrading from the Organic-User account enables users to use isoSKUs™ and isoSites™ features to create and manage cottage industries.

Professional Use

Professional users and enterprises can take advantage of isoProduct, isoOperate and isoCompliant features to monetize markets with customer acquisition, retention and durable post-purchase relationships giving them the advantages of:

  1. Knowing what users are doing, when, at what level and with what success

  2. Upselling users with progressive content

  3. Grouping users together in special-teams, groups, etc. around their goals

  4. Recurring advertising opportunities with the same or variant content

  5. Distributing durable content: users can place your content into a library for later or infrequent use

  6. Developing durable relationships

  7. Lifetime tracking of users even when using other content

  8. Generating non-linear revenues through subscriptions

Professional features include isoProduct marketing and customer development for OEMs, isoOperate for organizational development and corporate wellness, and isoCompliant features for the healthcare, standards and educational segments.

Competitive Landscape and Positioning is both a replacement and complementary product in the self-improvement and how-to markets.  These markets include blogs; social media, books, magazines, television, DVDs; content platforms; and training sites, devices, technologies and apps.  Unlike these products, which have limitations in distribution, content durability, linear revenues and cross-compatibility, is an open cloud computing solution that can support or replace competitors and drive these markets across all mobile and Internet-enabled devices with both linear and non-linear subscription revenues as well as advertising and affiliate revenue streams.

The Problem

Individuals, teams, groups, leagues, associations and populations lack a common platform for training, coaching, task planning and results testing.  Without a platform, these individuals and organizations don’t have a way to share best practices, learn from the results of others, or gain efficiencies through knowledge sharing. In addition, they lack an easy way to access knowledge from sources available outside their organization and from peer-to-peer. 

The Solution is part of a universal platform that combines a Software as a Service back end with an infomediary front end that supports creating and distributing durable content in the form of structured step-by-step tasks we call isoBlogs.  Using this approach, makes getting anything done simple for Organic-Users and at the same time affords scalability that makes the monetization of people doing tasks simple for enterprise clients. is a fully integrated platform for all types of isoBlogs. Doing, coaching, training, treating, testing - from individual to enterprise solutions, in the public domain or for profit - offers one cloud source. Users can find and subscribe to isoBlogs through the store, through co-branded and private portals, or through exchanges with other users.