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A social media, enterprise platform

for step-by-step training


A distribution management system for isoBlogs™

    1. isoOrgs™ associate like-minded clusters of people around common sets of goals by allowing them to create User-Units that organize users and distribute isoBlogs™ and products to them based on their schedule, profile, level, goals and role/responsibility.

    2. isoOrgs™ also allows isoBloggers to compare the effectiveness of isoBlogs between clusters to analyze results in order to predict behaviors and make targeted modifications based on those that underperform or out-perform.


    1. Special-Teams and Communities (UOM II)

    2. Special-Teams are clusters of like-minded users who share a unique goal.

    3. Teams (UOM III)

    4. Teams are clusters of Special-Teams.

    5. Groups (UOM IV)

    6. Groups are clusters of Teams and include:

      1. Affiliate-Groups: Organic-Groups with the ability to create and distribute elements and products directly to User-Units.

        1. Platform-Groups: Platform-Groups are subscription revenue groups.  Their isoBlogs™ and products are distributed platform-wide.

    1. Networks (UOM V)

  2. Networks are integrated Organic-Groups, Affiliates-Groups and Platform-Groups.

    1. Societies/isoSites™ (UOM VI)

  3. Societies are clusters of Networks.

    1. Domains (UOM VII)

  4. Domains are customized to suit specific enterprise needs.