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Keeping track of goods and services being used in isoBlogs™

    1. isoSKUs™ is a coding scheme based on SIC, NAICS, ICD, ISO, DSM and other industry standards and governmental codes.  Affiliate-Groups and above can place their products under the correct isoSKUs™ code:

  1. Code Number

  2. Code Category

  3. Code Subcategory

  4. Code Clause

  5. Element (the end node of the Code)

  6. Product Description

  7. Product Image

  8. Product URL

Once an Affiliate-Group or above signs our Affiliate Agreement, it can attach compliant products to the code by either using the isoDepot™ user interface for individual items or uploading CSV files to the isoDepot™ database for mass uploads.


For example, the FDA National Food Database lists codes per food subcategory.  In the HexagonLogic™ Platform, each FDA code is assigned to an individual Element that relates directly to the nutritional ingredients and guidelines for that Element.  When a HexagonLogic™ “isoBlogger” develops food isoBlogs™ and uses isoSKUs™, and when an “isoDoer” (the end user) clicks on the isoSKUs™, they both can see the ingredient label exactly as it would be listed on the product sold in the store per FDA guidelines.  For a recipe or diet plan, users can see the individual item’s and combined items’ label and the recipe’s overall, or plan’s overall, compliance to standards, such as “Low Sodium” or “Low Fat.”  Using isoSKUs™, this is a fully automated process.