Solutions to goals...

A social media, enterprise platform

for step-by-step training


Platform for Change

We’ve engineered an integrated platform where individuals and professionals create, connect and share step-by-step tasks with each other.  Our HexagonLogic™ Platform as a Service powers things like skills development, how-to, do-it-yourself “DIY,” classroom instruction, training, and clinical therapies with:

  1. Step-by-step instructions with shopping baskets

  2. An integrated Internet, mobile and dedicated computing dashboard

  3. Combining of instructions into sessions and courses

  4. Creation of teams and groups

  5. Creation of websites and intranets

  6. Social media and subscription revenue features

  7. Decision analytics and automation

HexagonLogic™ combines the flexibility of Software as a Service with our isoBlogs™ (content), isoOrgs™ (distribution), isoSKUs™ (stock keeping), isoVariants™ (open scripting language), and isoSites™ (web development) products.  Self-improvement, human resources and healthcare markets for tasking are estimated at $59 billion, $768 billion and $1.2 trillion respectively.

We are a media content and distribution provider similar to Demand Media, GaiaX, HealthStream, Jive Software and IAC/InterActiveCorp.  In our niche to serve how-to, training and doing content providers, we create, distribute, and monetize in-demand and long-lived content formats with social business software solutions.  We fulfill a need for integrated leading, teaching, treating, guiding, instructing and coaching over a seamless cloud.  Our flagship isoDomains™ are positioned in the self-improvement segment and add value to blogs, social media, books, magazines, TV, DVDs, training sites, devices and apps.  We advantage the market with content durability, subscription revenues and cross-compatibility.  Currently we are in beta development with our free features and functions.  Our next milestones include isoSKU™ affiliate agreements, isoSites™ 3rd party portals, and isoORG™ subscription revenues.

HexagonLogic™ offers integration, scalability and monetization of people doing specific tasks as they prepare, execute, update and reuse content.  Users can find and subscribe to tasks through isoSites™ stores, by invitation or through social media.  Our go-to-market strategy is to attract lifestyle content providers to our advantages in customer acquisition, retention, durable post-purchase relationships and long-life product/revenue cycles.